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Valorant to begin limited-time game mode rotation on May 26

Valorant to begin limited-time game mode rotation on May 26
Image: Riot Games

According to Riot, Valorant will begin rotating existing limited-time game modes roughly every two weeks. The new change to limited-time game mode rotations will occur on May 26, which marks two weeks since Replication made its way into Valorant.

The new Replication mode will be live until May 25, after which point Replication, Escalation, and Snowball fight will begin rotating every two weeks. It all starts on Wednesday, May 26, and includes all three limited-time modes that we’ve seen so far since Valorant’s launch.

Each limited-time mode (LTM) is different and gives players a break from the regular competitive gameplay. Riot wants to rotate modes weekly so that there are never too many queue options available at one time. That could slow down matchmaking queues or introduce other problems into the regular game modes.

Lisa Ohanian, the Senior Producer of Valorant’s Modes team, says they plan to keep the new rotation going for a few cycles. After that, they will take a look at things and reassess the long-term plan. The plan is to see how the community feels about the new rotation and take that into account when making a decision.

Depending on how the community feels about the new approach to game modes, they may introduce some special new features or change up how it works. The patch notes will always include the mode rotation, so you’ll know which game mode to expect for the following two weeks.

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