Valorant: leaked new map 'Foxtrot' release date and details

A new leak indicates another upcoming map to the VALORANT map rotation. Popular data miner and VALORANT leaker, ValorLeaks, tweeted about a new map potentially releasing called Foxtrot. The name is pure speculation and could simply be a working title. We don’t have any pictures or much else to go by, except for one thing. 

Another data miner on Twitter found some files allegedly containing the map’s loading music. The information is yet to be confirmed by anyone at Riot Games. The song’s steel drums give it a tropical sound, but there’s also a space vibe to it, which would make sense considering Astra’s release. 

We don’t have anything other than the music and working map title to go by, but we’re excited about a new map nonetheless.

When does Foxtrot release in Valorant?

The new map known as Foxtrot does not have an official release date. We don’t even know if Foxtrot is the official name. Icebox joined the map rotation in the Episode Act 3 release. Going by that, one might guess we’ll see the next map in the upcoming Episode.

We’ll keep you posted when we get some more information about the mysterious new map known as Foxtrot when we hear something from Riot Games.