VALORANT Brimstone Guide: Abilities, Gameplay, and More

VALORANT / Riot Games

This guide will do a deep dive into one of VALORANT’s Agents known as Brimstone. He’s loaded with an orbital arsenal to ensure his team always has a tactical advantage. As a great utility player, Brimstone can effectively use his abilities to be a crucial team player.

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Brimstone Abilities

VALORANT / Riot Games

Brimstone’s signature ability is called Sky Smoke and is one of the primary reasons people love playing this agent.

Sky Smoke

Brimstone equips a tactical map, allowing you to left-click a location to call in up to three smoke clouds. Left-clicking again confirms the long-lasting clouds to be dropped into the map at the selected areas, blocking enemy vision.

Pressing ‘E’ brings up the tactical screen, which will cover up to half the map. You can smoke off three chokepoints on the map to completely cripple the enemy team for a period of time.

VALORANT / Riot Games


The next ability to go over is Brimstone. Pressing ‘Q’ equips an incendiary grenade launcher which fires out a grenade that detonates when it comes to a stop on the ground. After exploding, fire lingers in the area damaging any enemy that moves through it.

Incendiary is a great ability for forcing people out of camping certain angles. The lingering effect makes it a great ability to toss into chokepoints to slow down an enemy team’s pushes. It does not explode on impact, so you need to be smart about how you launch the projectile.

VALORANT / Riot Games

Stim Beacon

Stim Beacon is an interesting ability that affects all players equally. Pressing ‘C’ allows you to toss a stim beacon in front of you. The stim beacon causes any player, teammate or enemy, to gain RapidFire when they stand in it. This is one of the only abilities in the game that has the same effects on all players.

The RapidFire actually makes a lot of weapons more difficult to control. You can use it tactically when defending bombsites, as the radius of the Stim Beacon is large. Snipers and shotguns might benefit from Stim Beacon most because it seems unnecessary on the rifles.

VALORANT / Riot Games

Orbital Strike

Brimstone’s ultimate is called Orbital Strike. Pressing X will bring up a tactical map, where you can choose an area to launch an orbital strike laser. It does high damage-over-time to players caught in the targeted area. Using this wisely can easily wipe an entire team.

This ability does well on the Bind map. Players going through teleporting can get caught off guard by this an instantly die. It’s also a great way to clear bombsites and completely stop team rushes. This ability damages opponents and teammates, though it does a lot less damage to your own team.

VALORANT / Riot Games

Overall, Brimstone is a solid character for any team composition if not only for his Sky Smoke and Orbital Strike ultimate ability. We expect to see a lot of people adding this character into their Agent rotation.

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