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Valorant Breeze Map Strategy: Layout and Weapon Choices

Valorant Breeze Map Strategy
Image via Riot Games

With the release of Valorant’s newest map, players have spammed the Breeze only queue and dissected every nook and cranny of the tropical battlefield. Although these tips may be obvious at first glance, one could lose sight of the end goal in the heat of battle. Here’s an in-depth look at some Valorant Breeze map strategy and weapon choices.

Valorant Breeze Map Type and Weapon Choices

Breeze is a map whose layout involves numerous ways to attack a site. The A site effectively has 5 entry points while the B site has 3 with every avenue of attack a possibility because of the size of the map and potential for lurking.

The defending team usually holds an angle and waits for an attacker to push into them. However, defenders are usually only able to hold ONE angle at any time – if an attacker pops into view at a different angle, the defender has to reposition the cursor for a shot. And if multiple attackers peek at a defender at the same time, the sensory overload could result in a defender killed with no trade back.

The size of the map lends itself to far-range battles. The sites themselves possess long and short-range skirmish potential. The only true short-range battling would be down A hall or B elbow, and those could be mitigated to a mid-range fight using correct angle positioning. A good shot on an Operator would be great for holding specific angles, but a Vandal or Guardian are great choices for their long-distance damage output. The Sheriff is another popular choice due to its high damage output and low cost, but players may find themselves outgunned if they try to go full econ and pick up Stingers or Frenzies.  

Valorant Breeze Strategy 

Mid is the most contested area for a great reason. By taking control of mid, attackers can cut off a quick rotation by reinforcements from either side, forcing the arduous task of running through defender spawn. Conversely, if defenders can control mid, they can rotate much quicker and secure another avenue of attack for a site retake.

Valorant Breeze - Attack and Defend Positions

Retake should be the name of the game for the defending team. Both sites on the map have too many areas to cover when defending, but the script is flipped once the spike is planted. If the players are skilled enough, they can attempt a standard defense with 1 defender on each site, 2 holding mid and 1 holding A hall. But if a standard defense is employed and even one defender falls, the probability of holding all positions decreases drastically.

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