Earlier this week on Twitter, Riot had teased only a picture of the new map, Breeze. Spectators and players have recently obtained footage of what seems to be a new trailer, complete with preliminary map layouts and the A-site aesthetics for the tropical paradise. There are minute details that may be significant in both the lore of the world and competitive play, and we will be breaking them down for you.

Valorant Breeze Trailer

Here’s a trailer for Valorant’s Breeze map, obtained via Valorant Korea and posted to YouTube:

Breeze A Site

These two pictures give decent viewpoints of the A site. The center of the area seems to be at the mercy of the surrounding buildings, including elevated vantage points, three entrances, and doors and crates to peek. The most prolific structures here are the two pyramid-like structures in the center of the map. These provide little cover from the vantage points listed above that encompass the site, but enough of an annoyance for a 1v1 duel on site.

Breeze B Site

Aesthetically, Breeze splits into three distinct areas. The beachy tropics, the touristy shops, and the factory. These pictures might be the B site of the map, landing squarely at the border of the tourist attractions and the factory, which is possibly producing Radianite. Similar to the A site, the middle of this area looks like a playground for those in the rafters aiming downwards. There is a bit of flexibility for cover with the singular standalone structure to the south, as well as a bit of penetrable wall that snakes around where Brimstone’s assassin is standing.


Radianite, a mysterious, unstable ore that enables humans to obtain strange powers, is a huge part of Valorant’s lore. It is also the currency used to unlock specific upgrades to skins in-game. These pictures are one of the few instances where Radianite is addressed directly. In this case, crates of Radianite sit below the map in a storage area. It remains to be seen whether this will be a traversable part of Breeze.