VALORANT Breach Guide: Abilities, Gameplay, and More
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VALORANT Breach Guide: Abilities, Gameplay, and More

This guide takes an in-depth look at VALORANT’s newest Agent: Breach. Streamers and other content creators were surprised to see the ninth Agent, Breach, on the list of playable Agents during the playtest this past weekend.

We’re going to take a look at Breach’s abilities, gameplay, and some tactics you can use to effectively play this Agent.

Breach’s Abilities

You will notice a pattern with all of Breach’s abilities. What’s special about Breach is that all his abilities go through walls (breach).


When Breach uses Faultline he equips a seismic blast that can be charged by left-clicking. Releasing left-click sets off a sort of earthquake that will concuss enemies that are hit by it. If you get hit, you are dazed, slowed, and have blurred vision.

The range of this skill is large, especially if you fully charge it. There is a sound cue where you can hear this ability coming, so be sure to listen out for it if there’s a Breach on the enemy team.


Breach’s next ability if Aftershock, which can be difficult to use at first. This ability equips a fusion charge that can be fired through walls. It acts as a slow damage burst through the wall and heavily damages anyone caught in it.

Streamers have reported this ability is difficult to get kills with, but you can use it wisely to prevent bomb-defusing or forcing enemies out of areas you know they are camping in.


Breach’s ability Flashpoint equips a blinding charge that can be fired through the wall. Anyone caught in it will be completely blinded if they are looking at it. You can utilize this move to complement bombsite entrances with the team.

If you can master this skill, it’s a great utility when you’re on the offensive. You can also use it defensively to counter enemy team pushes, though it’s not quite as useful as Phoenix’s flashes.

Rolling Thunder

Breach’s ultimate is called Rolling Thunder and it’s reportedly one of the most effective ultimates in the game for clearing bombsites. This ability equips a seismic charge that sends a cascading quake through an area in a large cone. Anyone caught in the quake gets knocked in the air and dazed.

It’s an amazing skill for clearing a bombsite for entry or even stopping enemies from retaking the bombsite. According to a few streamers, this is the skill you need to take over a bombsite.

Overall, Breach is a difficult Agent to master and use effectively and definitely requires a specific playstyle. He can be a very effective Agent for the team, especially when it comes to pushing and taking over bombsites.

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