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VALORANT Bind Map Guide

With the VALORANT closed beta underway, now is a great time to take an in-depth look at the Bind Map. In this VALORANT Bind map guide, we’ll be taking a look at the map overview, call-outs, spike sites, and most effective characters to use.

Riot Games put a lot of effort into the three current maps in rotation, which are Bind, Haven, and Split. Bind is my personal favorite at the moment, and I foresee it becoming what de_dust is to Counter-Strike.

VALORANT Bind Map Guide

The first interesting map mechanic to note is the teleporters. So far this is the only map that utilizes these, and they make the competitive aspect of the game very interesting. Using teleporters is obvious because it makes a noise that can be heard from anywhere on the map.

There’s one teleporter near B site and one near A site. Each teleporter can only be accessed one way. If you’re an attacker, the A Teleporter can be accessed to the left of A site from short A. The B Teleporter can be accessed from the left of Site B. After walking through the portal, you are put in an area with steel doors that can only be opened from the inside.

Bind Map A Site Teleporter
Bind Map B Site Teleporter

VALORANT Bind Map Callouts

When playing matches on Bind, you’ll likely hear people doing callouts. You should try and familiarize yourself with all the spots on the map so you can communicate enemy positions effectively with your team.

Different players use different callouts, but we’ll reference the main callouts from the overview posted above and put other ones we’ve heard alongside those. Here are the Bind map callouts:

  • CT Spawn
  • T Spawn

A Site Callouts

  • A Site
  • Long A
  • Short A
  • Cubby
  • U Halls or Lamps
  • Heaven or A Tower or Window
  • Connector
  • Teleporter
  • Showers or Bath
  • Lobby
  • Link or Mid
Bind Map A Site Heaven / Window / Tower
Bind Map A Site Lamps / U Halls
Bind Map A Short A
Bind Map Short A Showers

B Site Callouts

  • B Site
  • B Hall
  • Long B
  • Hookah or Window
  • Short B
  • Teleporter
  • B Lobby
  • Elbow
  • Garden
Bind Map B Site Window / Hookah
Bind Map Long B
Bind Map B Halls
Bind Map B Site Elbow

Best Spots and Angles to Play

From a defensive perspective, you want to have a few different “angles” or positions you are comfortable with playing. This ensures you’re not in the same spot every round, and that you can adapt to how your team plays and fill in where necessary.

B Site Positions

There are two main areas attackers use to access B: Hookah/window and Long B. You can choose to play aggressively and push into Hookah/Window to defend there, or play it from the B halls or even B site using the steel container as cover.

To cover Long B, you can play from in B site, garden, or push up to Long and try to get a pick. If you play in “elbow”, you leave your teammate exposed from Long B in most cases, so be sure to coordinate with them and form a defense plan.

A Site Positions

Playing in Tower/Window/Heaven allows you to cover Showers/Bath and Short A simultaneously. Usually, one player pushes either Showers or Short A aggressively from cubby while the other plays somewhere more passive like Tower and snipes or rifles for support.

Bind Map A Site from Tower / Heaven

Cubby is another popular spot to defend Short A from. There’s a tall box to use for cover and you can fall back to the U Hall as well. If the team ends up rushing B, you can rotate through the teleporter to force the enemy team to keep one player behind and worry about you.

Bind Map Short A from Cubby

Best Characters For Bind

Due to the layout of the Bind map, there are specific characters that are better than others. Here are a few characters that will shine on Bind due to their abilities:

  • Phoenix – Great for corner Curveballs (flashbangs), Blaze walls to block vision, and Hot Hands for cutting off chokepoints.
  • Brimstone – He’s great for most maps, but Bind in particular due to his ability to smoke off several locations at once. You can come up with a lot of viable team strategies using Brimstone.
  • Viper – He’s another character with a ton of vision blocking abilities and good abilities for chokepoints.

Bind Map Orb Locations

There are two orbs to capture that grant +1 ultimate point on Bind. The first one is located in Showers and the other one at the top of Long B. Utilize these orbs by allowing the character with the most useful ultimate to stack them for quick ult generation.

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