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Valorant Agent 16 ‘Grenadier’ Details and Release Date

Valorant Agent 16 'Grenadier' Details and Release Date
Image: Riot Games

Valorant currently has fifteen agents on its playable roster, with Riot Games already hinting at a sixteenth agent in the works.  During the State of the Agent address in late May, Riot announced that the next agent, dubbed Grenadier according to Valorant Leaks, will be released alongside Patch 3.0.  The most likely date for the upcoming 3.0 patch should be within the next month, with the dates to look out for mainly being June 22nd-23rd and September 6th and 7th.  

When is Grenadier releasing in Valorant?

Fans are speculating that Grenadier may release in the upcoming Valorant 3.0 patch, likely to drop on June 22-23 or September 6-7. Pay attention during these dates, as there’s a good chance Agent 16 will make their way into the game at that time.

Who is Grenadier?

The definition of the term ‘grenadier’ is an infantryman whose speciality is focused around artillery and, well, grenade throwing.  As such, players can expect the new agent to have some sort of grenade throwing skill that requires accuracy as well as timing to be utilized to its maximum potential.  Based on the State of the Agents blog post, the next agent can disrupt the flow of another player, or at the very least the ability for the developer to type correctly.  Because of this description, an EMP grenade that can concuss a player or make a player unable to move his or her character correctly are both likely scenarios.

Those Valorant veterans that play Raze will be able to adapt nicely to the new agent, assuming the new agent has a grenade skill that operates similarly to how Raze’s does.  Riot has stressed the importance of this champion needing gun skills to take advantage of opportunities, so it stands to reason that this disruption ability of Grenadier will mainly disrupt with damage put on the backfoot.

Due to Riot Games’ trend of updating Valorant every two weeks, June 8-9, June 22-23 and September 6-7 are the next dates for updates.  Riot has not released patch notes for 2.10, citing the longevity and health of their engine.  As such, the next patch will be June 22-23rd, which lines up nicely with Riot’s anniversary – Valorant 1.0 was in June and 2.0 was in January, meaning 3.0 being released in June will make a nice, even 6 months per episode.  

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