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Valorant 128 Tick Servers

Riot Games finally came clean about their new shooter game, releasing some gameplay footage and information about it. One feature they made clear is that Valorant will be using 128 tick servers, but what exactly does this mean?

Valorant 128 Tick Servers

Valorant is serious about being a competitive shooter by focusing heavily on anti-cheat systems and high-quality servers. With competitive 128-tick servers, game data is sent back to the server 128 times per second. Generally, the higher the tick rate the better your bullets “register” with the server.

In FPS games, one big complaint from pretty much everyone is that their bullets disappear or don’t hit the enemy accurately. You might hear people complaining about the “server registry”, and while this can be an excuse for messing up, there is some truth to it. Games like Fortnite run on 30-tick, while CS:GO competitive matchmaking runs on 64-tick.

With a higher default server tick rate, Valorant hopes they can entice competitive players. Good servers can make or break first-person shooter games because players need to rely on being as accurate as possible. With top-notch servers, good net code, and solid hit registration, Rito Games may be able to attract some top talent to their new shooter.

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