Valheim Food and Recipe List - Best Food Combinations

There are many different types of food you can find, cook, and harvest in Valheim. The hardcore Viking survival game has an interesting mechanic where your Health, Stamina, and Healing are tied to the food you eat. Players can eat up to three different types of food and gain their effects for a duration of time. With so many options, it can be challenging to figure out what’s best. Below you can find a complete Valheim food and recipe list, along with some lists of what’s best for maximum Health, Stamina, and Healing. 

Valheim Food List

Here’s a list of every piece of food you can get in Valheim, along with the weight, health, stamina, duration, healing, and the biome in which you can find it.

Blood Pudding10.0905024004Swamp
Lox Meat Pie1.0808024004Plains
Serpent Stew1.0808024004Ocean
Cooked Lox Meat1.0704020003Plains
Cooked Serpent Meat10.0704020003Ocean
Fish Wraps1.0609024004Mountains
Turnip Stew1.0505016002Black Forest
Cooked Meat1.0403012002Meadows
Grilled Neck Tail4.5352010002Meadows
Cooked Fish1452512002Black Forest
Queens Jam1.0304012002Black Forest
Yellow Mushroom3.920206001Black Forest
Carrot Soup1.0206015002Black Forest
Carrot0.315156001Black Forest
Blueberry0.115206001Black Forest

Valheim Recipe List

Here’s a list of every food recipe in Valheim.

Blood Pudding2 Thistle, 2 Bloodbag, 4 Barley flour
Lox Meat Pie2 Cloudberries, 2 Cooked Lox meat, 4 Barley flour
Serpent Stew1 Mushroom, 1 Cooked Serpent meat, 2 Honey
Cooked Lox Meat1 Raw Lox meat
Cooked Serpent Meat1 Raw Serpent meat
Fish Wraps2 Cooked Fish, 4 Barley flour
Sausages2 Entrails, 1 Raw meat, 4 Thistle
Turnip Stew1 Raw meat, 3 Turnips
Cooked Meat1 Raw meat
Bread10 Barley flour
Grilled Neck Tail1 Raw Neck meat
Cooked FishCooked on the Cooking Stand
Queens Jam8 Raspberries, 8 Blueberries
Honey8 Raspberries, and 8 Blueberries
Carrot Soup3 Carrots, 1 Mushroom

What’s the best food in Valheim?

You can use up to three different food items at one time. Because of this, you can mix and match them depending on what you want to accomplish. Here’s a look at the best food combinations for maximum Health, maximum Stamina, and maximum Healing per tick.

Best Combo for Maximum Health

The best food combination in Valheim for maximum Health is Blood Pudding, Lox Meat Pie, and Serpent Stew. Using these three foods, you will get 250 Health, 210 Stamina, and 12 Healing per tick. 

Best Combo for Maximum Stamina

The best food combination in Valheim for maximum Stamina is Fish Wraps, Lox Meat Pie, and Serpent Stew. Using these three foods, you will get 220 Health, 250 Stamina, and 12 Healing per tick.

Best Combo for Maximum Healing Regeneration

Honey has an interesting property in that it has the highest Healing per tick out of any food. You can mix Honey with any of the following to get the maximum Healing regeneration food combo: Fish Wraps, Lox Meat Pie, Blood Pudding, Serpent Stew.

More food and recipes will likely come to Valheim in future patches, so we’ll do our best to keep this list up to date so that it stays relevant.