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Upcoming Valorant Agent Could Be from the Philippines

Chamber’s character interactions hint that the next VALORANT agent could hail from the Philippines.
Upcoming Valorant Agent Could Be from the Philippines

VALORANT recently released Chamber last November 16, and he is the 17th agent to join the growing roster. A few weeks after his release, players have already noticed some specific interactions hinting at the next agent and her background. VALORANT has tried to diversify its lineup by including champions from around the world and this time, the agent is hinted to be from the Philippines.

In the voice lines, Chamber talks to various agents about him finding a “new recruit.” There is some mention that the new recruit is “prickly” and that they’ll have to meet her in Manila, which is the capital of the Philippines. While this is not solid proof that the agent will be Filipina, the fact that a place in the country is mentioned means it is a possibility.

Later on, a voice message left for Brimstone is discovered, and Chamber uses feminine pronouns to describe the agent, which confirms that it will be a female agent. The voice lines so far hint that the character is a young, inexperienced girl that will have to undergo training. It is also mentioned that she is VP-19, meaning that she is the 19th prospect to join the team. However, there are currently only 17 agents, including Chamber, suggesting that there is one more that will join before her.

Previously, fans have found hints that an agent called Agent 8 will join the roster, which is a reference to the tags that agents currently have in their possession. This agent is theorized to be a robot created by Killjoy and is currently on a mission in Earth-2. Those who want the Filipina agent might have to wait a few more months before getting any more details. 

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