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Tribes of Midgard Golden Egg Rune: how to find and what it does

Tribes of Midgard

What if Valheim and Diablo had a lovechild? Well, it might look something like Tribes of Midgard, the action-survival RPG from Norsfell and Gearbox Publishing. The online co-op or single-player game is gaining traction since its July 27 release date, and lots of people are giving it a shot for the first time. 

As you will soon discover, after hopping into the game and getting into battle, items known as Runes play a significant role. These have a variety of effects, most of which increase your stats and other attributes. One Rune, in particular, is a Legendary with an ambiguous description. The game says it’s useless, but is it really? Here’s how to get the Golden Egg Rune and what it does in Tribes of Midgard.

How to find the Golden Egg Rune in Tribes of Midgard

To find the Golden Egg Rune in Tribes of Midgard, all you need to do is start defeating enemies. It has a low drop chance, but so long as you’re venturing through the wild and slaying everything in your path, you may just get one. Another way to get the Golden Egg Rune is by exchanging Golden Horns for one. Make your way to the settlement’s Golden Altar and exchange some horns for a Golden Egg Rune. 

Tribes of Midgard Golden Egg Rune

But what does the Golden Egg Rune do?

What does the Golden Egg Rune do in Tribes of Midgard?

You can sell a Golden Egg Rune to the Ironworker for 200 Souls, but the other effects of this Rune are unknown. At this time, it looks like the only use-case is selling it for souls. 

However, there could be a more obscure usage for it that we haven’t uncovered yet. If we find out more about this mysterious Legendary Rune, we will surely keep you posted.

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