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Top 10 Best Genshin Impact Cursed Images

If you're seeing this. You're cursed.
Image Via MiHoYo

Cursed images, glitches, abominations. Genshin Impact has plenty of iconic screenshots showcasing beautiful landscapes and memorable events. What would happen if you came across an image that was just so foul you needed to share it? The beauty of the internet is that once you upload and share it, the image stays online forever. Hu Tao would find this entertaining as we’re all shivering from the morbid pictures that will forever haunt us. If you’re daring enough, keep reading. Here are the top 10 cursed images in Genshin Impact.

Cursed images in Genshin Impact

What exactly are cursed images and are they really cursed? These images are glitches that have occurred through the game and someone decided it would be funny to screen shot it and share it with us. We didn’t ask for this. Just like in the old days, when you would get a creepy chain mail telling you to share it or you’ll die from an unexplainable illness… We are now forced to go through 9Gag and Reddit to see cursed Genshin Impact pictures that won’t leave our mind. Here are some of our not-so-favorite images but still deserve to be on this list.

1. Mao Xiangling

Umm… Xiangling…are you okay? Does that hurt? We think you might need to see a doctor because there’s no way your legs are supposed to do that. We feel so bad for QiQi. There’s no reason why QiQi needs to be subjected to this exorcism. We can’t see QiQi face but we can picture her looking a bsolutely terrified. Xiangling is just staring back…MENACINGLY. Get this cursed image away from us! Fix Xiangling’s legs!

2. Xinyan

WHAT EVEN IS THIS!? Xinyan, what happened to your cute face? What is even going on here!? How did this happen? Was this a glitch? Did a demon possess the screen and take over? We have so many questions. Not only is Xinyan’s face scarring whoever stares at it for too long but we’re not sure if her head is even on right. Is Xinyan supposed to look at us? If she’s looking at us why is her body facing the other way? So many questions..

3. Pailuc

Did you just…Did you…Paimon and Diluc? Together? Did someone really just combine Paimon and Diluc so they could create some creepy looking creature? Diluc or Paimon looks like they’re in pain. We can’t stop staring. If this was done differently we’re sure it could have been cute. We definitely believe that Paimon has a tiny crush on Diluc, ever since she saw him when he was younger. Her taking it to the extreme and merging together with him was not what we were expecting.

4. Amber

If this was the first face you saw when you traveled to another world, would you run? You should run. This is unsettling. The way Amber is staring at you and how she’s smiling. If it was painted differently or her smile was tweaked it could have been charming. As it is now it’s just unnerving. We don’t like it. We didn’t need to see this. Thank you, next.

5. Mona

Image Via MiHoYo

Stop. Please. We’re begging you. Mona has been sexualized for a long time now and we are going to put a stop to this. This image is cursed. It’s cursed because the minute you see it your expectations for women will be different. You will never find someone who is on the same level as Mona. Your dating life will cease to exist. We’re sorry you saw this. Please move forward.


Image Via MiHoYo

This is seriously so traumatizing. Look at poor Fischl. They all look demented and they all have that same look in their eyes that says “Wanna play a game?” Don’t play the game. You’ll lose your life. Don’t stare at them for too long or you’ll find time isn’t the same as it was. It’s moving faster. Your soul has been ripped from your body and it belongs to them. We’re getting scared just thinking about it.

7. Arataki

Image Via MiHoYo

The face you see after you’ve been almost knocked out. That eyeliner, those white locks, the bit of red around his eyes. Honestly, we can see Arataki knocking someone out if they said something bad about the gang or if you mock his friends. He is a great leader who cares for his family. If you see this image you need to make better decisions in your life or Arataki will beat you until you start making changes.

8. Paimon

Image Via MiHoYo

We ask this question every day. We aren’t sure what we’re doing anymore. We’re just going through the motions of every day life. Paimon is staring at us as if we took their half of the food. There’s a sense of dread when you stare at her. You feel compelled to answer her but something deep inside of you is mortified. You’re not sure if you respond your life will end. If you don’t respond you might still die, so, it’s a lose-lose.

9. Kaeya

Image Via MiHoYo

STOP. Not Kaeya. Even Kaeya isn’t safe. We thought it was impossible for one of the best looking Genshin characters to appear creepy. This image is cursed. There’s no way Kaeya of all people is asking us to fight with such a look of demonic rage in his eyes. Why someone would blow his head up and make him look like that is a question we will always ask.

10. Mona’s legs

Amber looks great. Mona…not so much. Her legs are doing things they shouldn’t be doing. The fact that Amber doesn’t look concerned is concerning for us. She’s okay with letting Mona just hover in the air like that? Mona’s position doesn’t look comfortable and we just want to let her know we’ll help her get through this.

Are you freaked out yet? Those are the top 10 Genshin Impact cursed images we have found.  For everything Genshin Impact be sure to check out Gamer Journalist. We post daily news, guides, and codes about upcoming and current gaming titles.

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