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Thanksgiving Dessert – Crossword Clue

We have all of the known answers for the Thanksgiving dessert crossword clue to help you solve today's puzzle.
Thanksgiving dessert Crossword Clue

Looking for an answer for one of today’s clues in the daily crossword? Everyone is bound to encounter a clue or two that baffles them, no matter how smart they are. When you find yourself stumped, looking up the answer may be the only solution. If you’re stuck on one of today’s crossword clues and don’t know the answer, we’ve got what you’re looking for below.

The answer to the Thanksgiving dessert crossword clue is listed below. If you find yourself stuck on this clue, there’s nothing wrong with looking up a hint or finding the answer online. At least you’ll know the answer for next time if you stumble upon a similar clue. From there, you can move on to other clues and complete the puzzle.

Thanksgiving Dessert Crossword Answer

The answer to the Thanksgiving dessert crossword clue is:

  • PIE (3 letters)

The clue and answer(s) above was last seen on April 15, 2022 in the NYT Mini. It can also appear across various crossword publications, including newspapers and websites around the world like the LA Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more.

Thanksgiving dessert Crossword Clue FAQ

What is pie?

Pie is a baked dish of fruit, or meat and vegetables, typically with a top and base of pastry. There are many varieties of pie, one of which is pumpkin pie, popular as a Thanksgiving day dessert.

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