Terraria x Don't Starve Together crossover updates now available
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Terraria x Don’t Starve Together crossover updates now available

Terraria x Don't Starve Together crossover updates now available
Image: Re-Logic/Klei Entertainment

Re-Logic and Klei Entertainment have both been hard at work to bring fans the new Terraria and Don’t Starve Together crossover update. The free collaboration content update brings parts of each game into the other, which means there are two separate updates for fans to try out. We’ll look at both of them below and outline what’s new in each title.

Terraria: The Constant – A Don’t Starve World Seed

The Re-Logic team decided to bring the update to its userbase inside of the World Seed functionality. To experience the Don’t Starve Together x Terraria world, all you need to do is enter “The Constant” as your world seed when creating a new world. 

The seed features Deerclops as the featured boss battle in The Constant world seed. The boss is designed for mid to late pre-hardmode, which makes it somewhat accessible to newer players. Deerclops has its own theme music, composed by Klei Entertainment and inspired from the Deerclops theme in Don’t Starve.

Image: Twitter

Players can summon Deerclops in the cold climate of the ice biome.

Additionally, Re-Logic adds 25 new items inspired by Don’t Starve Together content, including pets, weapons, vanity, and more. Players can experience new tools and weapons, including Lucy the Axe, new pets and summons, and Chester, a pet that doubles as a piggy bank.

Don’t Starve Together: An Eye for an Eye

Klei brings a boss or two to the Constant, and puts a spin on some of Terraria’s most popular items. Somewhere in the game, survivors might encounter the Terrarium setpiece, allowing players to encounter the Eye of Terror boss (Eye of Cthulu) complete with its own theme music.

More hardcore players can summon the Twins of Terror for an additional challenge. Each boss has a unique equipment item, and there are new statues for each boss to show off.

There’s a new critter to watch over, a new food item available, and some new crockpot recipes, as well. Special Terraria item skins are now in Don’t Starve Together, including a three-piece traveling merchant-inspired character set. Players cannot purchase the items, and they must be woven with spool.

Players can also log in and receive the Terrarized chest featuring six free skins. The bonus chest will be available until the next update in December.

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