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Surrender option coming to Valorant

A recent interview with Joe Ziegler and Anna Donlon of Riot Games reveals there will be a surrender option coming to Valorant. Tyler Erzberger, an ESPN Journalist, sat down with these two to ask some questions in regards to the future of Valorant. Here’s what they had to say.

Surrender Option Coming to Valorant

The surrender option is not available for today’s launch, but is expected to make its way into the game in the near future. In their words, it will come “very soon after launch.”

Riot has been messing around with punishing AFK players a lot more harshly, and it seems this has made an impact on the situation. Players leaving in the middle of a match, due to rage or simply having other obligation, is not fair to the rest of the team.

There is also no way to surrender if that AFK player times out, leaving you and your team in an unfortunate situation. When this happens, other players are discouraged, and sometimes the team just gives up in general.

Joe Ziegler says the recent changes to AFK punishments has resulted in a lot less AFK players overall according to the data. With the upcoming surrender options, teams will have the option to decide if they want to continue the match or not if they find themselves in a situation like that.

Being forced to play out a match in situations like this is basically a gigantic waste of time. It’s good to see the Valorant developers agree and are striving to add some features to combat this negative experience in the game.

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