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Streets of Rage 4: is there multiplayer?

Streets of Rage 4 is the new beat’ em-up game for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One released on April 30, 2020. It’s a rebirth of the original Streets of Rage series on Sega Genesis. Many new features have been added to the game while maintaining the same classic vibe. One question a lot of fans are wondering about Streets of Rage 4: is there multiplayer?

Streets of Rage 4: is there multiplayer?

The new Streets of Rage 4 does have an online multiplayer mode. The online co-op mode supports up to two players at once. Local co-op can handle up to four players. Considering it’s on many platforms, many people are also wondering about crossplay.

How about crossplay?

Unfortunately, there is no crossplay support as of right now. Many players express interest in this feature, so it may be something we see developers implement in the game’s future. Developers have no given any word yet as to whether or not it’s something they plan to build out. 

For now, you’ll have to stick with the four-player local co-op mode or the two-player online multiplayer mode on your specific platform. We’ll keep you posted if we hear any details about crossplay coming to Streets of Rage 4.

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