Steam might be working on a loyalty system to offer you game discounts

Steam might be working on a loyalty system to offer you game discounts

Steam is allegedly working on a loyalty system for its users, according to a data miner on Twitter. A point system and a way for users to react to user reviews were also uncovered.

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Steam Loyalty System

The new loyalty system might function like the coin system seen in major sales events on Steam. We have seen this during the Lunar New Year sales, where players earn coins each day they log into the client. During that particular event, players could get daily rewards which they could use to redeem for game discounts and profile cosmetics

If that’s true, we imagine the new loyalty system would be similar but available during all times of the year.

Other companies do something similar to this, like Nintendo eShop, for example. Their gold point system rewards users when they buy a digital game by giving back a percent of the purchase in gold points. One Nintendo eShop Gold Point equals $0.01 USD.

User Review Reactions

The data miner also uncovered possible reactions for the new system allowing users to react to reviews. Here is a list of the reactions that could be coming out soon:

  • Deep Thoughts
  • Heartwarming
  • Hilarious
  • Hot Take
  • Poetry
  • Helpful

This expands on the current Steam system where you can only thumbs up or thumbs down a review.

Djundik is a full-stack developer known for his work on SteamDB. The website aggregates statistics for Steam applications and games.

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