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Starfield trailer reveals potential release date

Starfield trailer reveals potential release date

Bethesda announced the development of their next major non-Elder Scrolls and non-Fallout game, Starfield, all the way back during E3 2018. A friend of mine has held out hopes for Starfield news during every single Bethesda presentation since then, to the point it became something of a running joke. As of Microsoft and Bethesda’s E3 2021 presentation yesterday, it seems the joke has finally come to an end. It’s time to answer that all-important question: when is the Starfield release date?

When is the Starfield Release Date?

During Microsoft and Bethesda’s presentation, a new trailer for Starfield was shown. The first trailer shown at all, in fact, since the game’s reveal in 2018. It was quite the flashy trailer, with breathtaking shots of rocket ships, outer space, and all that other stuff a name like Starfield would imply, but the big shock came at the very end of the trailer: the astronaut guy’s console lights up, he’s prepared for takeoff, and he gets the following code: 11-11-22. In other words, November 11th, 2022 is the day Starfield releases, just in time for the 2022 holiday shopping season.

Since Bethesda is owned by Microsoft now, Starfield will be an Xbox exclusive game. This means no PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 release, at least not at launch. In fact, it won’t even be available on Xbox One; Starfield is a next-gen exclusive game, reserved solely for the Xbox Series X/S. Never fear, though; where there is Microsoft, there is PC. Starfield will also be available to play on PC, though they haven’t yet revealed through which distribution platforms. If you’re subscribed to Xbox Games Pass, then you’re a lucky duck, because Starfield will also be available on both the Xbox and PC Games Passes immediately at launch.

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