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Where to Catch Tuna in Spiritfarer

Where to Catch Tuna in Spiritfarer

Despite how cheap and common tuna is at your local grocery store, catching a fresh, truly high-quality tuna out of the water is actually quite an undertaking, even for an experienced angler. Even in the realms beyond our own, tuna doesn’t go down without a fight, at least if Spiritfarer is any indication. Here’s where to catch tuna in Spiritfarer.

Unlike other kinds of fish and sea creatures, tuna can’t be found just anywhere in the world. There are a handful of special “tuna spots” where tuna congregate, similar to other resource-gathering spots, albeit without the usual visual and auditory cues.

Where to Catch Tuna in Spiritfarer

There are also three different types of tuna, found in different parts of the map. The types and their spot coordinates are as follows:

Albacore Tuna

  • Hummingberg Region, [-22, -42]
  • Furogawa Region, [-175, 80]

Bluefin Tuna

  • Hummingberg Region, [-138, 190]
  • Hummingbird Region, [-1, 205]

Yellowfin Tuna

  • Oxbury Region, [252, -28]
  • Oxbury Region, [98, -76]
  • Border between Oxbury and Crow’s End Regions, [280, 68]

Even when you track down the tuna spots and park your ship, don’t expect them to just get onboard for a little jig. Unlike with other fish, you can’t just cast your line and reel it in with all your strength when you get a bite; the tuna will snap your line almost immediately. 

Cast your line, and when you get a bite, hold down the reel button to bring it in. Watch the color of the line carefully; when it starts turning red, switch to tapping the reel button instead of holding it. This’ll help tire the tuna out without letting it get too far away from you. When the line returns to its normal yellow color, hold the button again, and repeat the tapping method if necessary. Using this trick, you can catch all the tuna you like, and prepare all manner of wonderful seafood delicacies.

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