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Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass Rewards

Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass Rewards

Season 4 of Psyonix’s explosive vehicular soccer game Rocket League has officially arrived. Today marks the release of their tenth battle pass or the fourth since the game went free-to-play last year. There are 70 tiers to work through this time around and two tracks to pick from, including Free and Premium. Let’s take a look at the Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass Rewards.

The free Rocket Pass is available to everyone at no additional charge, and you’ll still get plenty of free items for leveling up. Twenty-four, to be exact. Rocket Pass Premium players will need to drop 1,000 credits, which comes out to be about $8.99, or 2,000 credits if you want to get a 12-tier boost.

Players can complete weekly and season challenges to receive lots of XP and exclusive items. The challenges release every Wednesday, and there are six per week in total, with three requiring Premium Rocket Pass access. Weekly challenges expire after the week is up, incentivizing players to complete them on time.

As for the rewards, the ultimate Tier 70 reward for the Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass Premium track is the Outlaw GXT. We also have plenty of wild west-themed items along the way, including wheels, decals, trails, and more. You can find a full list of the Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass rewards broken down by Premium and Free down below.

Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass Premium Rewards

  1. Outlaw Limited Body
  2. Cowpoke Limited Player Banne
  3. Flame Chain Limited Trail
  4. 10% Party XP Boost
  5. Dreamcatcher Limited Antenna
  6. Outlaw: Hardline Limited Decal
  7. Powder Keg Limited Wheels
  8. Title: Boost Bandit Limited Player Title
  9. Dominus: Gasman Limited Decal
  10. 5% XP Boost
  11. Dead Horse Limited Topper
  12. 100 Credits
  13. Gadabout Limited Wheels
  14. Outlaw: Camo Limited Decal
  15. Campfire Limited Topper
  16. Horsepower Limited Engine Audio
  17. Outlaw: Tough Break Limited Decal
  18. Title: The Sheriff Limited Player Title
  19. Lava Limited Rocket Boost
  20. Rocko Limited Wheels
  21. Straightlaced Limited Paint Finish
  22. Stanger Limited Player Banner
  23. 5% XP Boost
  24. 100 Credits
  25. Outlaw: Sally Limited Decal
  26. Barouche Limited Wheels
  27. Howdy Limited Avatar Border
  28. Octane: Amikoo Limited Decal
  29. No-Name Limited Topper
  30. Title: Outrider Limited PLayer Title
  31. Gadabout: Inverted Limited WHeels
  32. 5% Boost
  33. Iron Horse Limited Engine Audio
  34. Outlaw: Notched Limited Decal
  35. Tarnation Limited Trail
  36. 100 Credits
  37. Vaticinator Limited Animated Decal
  38. Wanted Limited Avatar Border
  39. 5% XP Boost
  40. Title: Yellowbelly Limited Player Title
  41. Boomstick Limited Wheels
  42. Steel Horse Limited Engine Audio
  43. Sundown Limited Player Banner
  44. Rockfall Limited Paint Finish
  45. Outlaw: Coyotl Limited Decal
  46. Tanked Limited Wheels
  47. Outlaw: Ombre Limited Decal
  48. 100 Credits
  49. Title: Sawbones Limited Player Title
  50. 5% XP Boost
  51. Whisperer Limited Wheels
  52. Outlaw: Huntress Limited Decal
  53. Dust Cloud Limited Trail
  54. Ruinator Limited Wheels
  55. Hydrophobic Limited Animated Decal
  56. Distressed Denim Limited Paint Finish
  57. Title: Wanted Limited Player Title
  58. 5% Party XP Boost
  59. Tanker: Infinite Limited Wheels
  60. 100 Credits
  61. Outlaw: Snakeskin Limited Animated Decal
  62. Timeline Limited Rocket Boost
  63. Outlaw: Martian Wind Limited Animated Decal
  64. Haunted Hoss Limited Wheels
  65. Heat Lighting Limited Animated Decal
  66. 5% XP Boost
  67. 100 Credits
  68. Yeehaw Limited Goal Explosion
  69. Ruinator: Inverted Limited Wheels
  70. Outlaw GXT Limited Body

Rocket League Season 4 Rocket Pass Free Rewards

  • Tier 2: Title Lunkhead
  • Tier 5: Uncommon Drop
  • Tier 8: Chipboard Limited Paint Finish
  • Tier 10: Uncommon Drop
  • Tier 13: Ripper Stibium Limited Decal
  • Tier 15: Uncommon Drop
  • Tier 18: Prickly Cactus Limited Topper
  • Tier 20: Uncommon Drop
  • Tier 22: Road Hog Watermelon Limited Decal
  • Tier 24: Title: Car Cowboy Limited Player Title
  • Tier 25: Uncommon Drop
  • Tier 28: Aftershock: Clipper Limited Decal
  • Tier 30: Uncommon Drop
  • Tier 32: Esper: Eye Opener Limited Decal
  • Tier 35: Uncommon Drop
  • Tier 38: Title: Ace in the Hole Limited Player Title
  • Tier 43: Twisty-Sweet Limited Trail
  • Tier 45: Rare Drop
  • Tier 48: Buckboard Limited Wheels
  • Tier 50: Rare Drop
  • Tier 55: Rare Drop
  • Tier 60: Rare Drop
  • Tier 65: Very Rare Drop
  • Tier 70: Very Rare Drop
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