Roblox Lil Nas X Concert Announcement: Event Dates and Cosmetics
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Roblox Lil Nas X Concert Announcement: Event Dates and Cosmetics

Roblox Lil Nas X Concert Announcement

Roblox is taking a page out of Fortnite’s playbook and hosting its first-ever in-game concert. The Roblox Lil Nas X concert announcement came from the official Roblox Twitter on November 10, providing additional details for the upcoming event. Everything you need to know, including the concert preshow, main event, and encore dates, are available below.

Lil Nas X is a Grammy Award-winning artist, most well-known for his country rap single Old Town Road. His claim to fame came through the viral success of the single on TikTok in early 2019. Now, he’s bringing Old Town Road to Roblox for the first in-game concert in the game’s history. 

Roblox Lil Nas X Concert Dates

The Roblox Lil Nas X Concert Experience occurs on Saturday, November 14, at 1 PM PST. On November 13 at 4 PM PST, a preshow takes place, which includes an in-game scavenger event for an exclusive emote. 

There is an encore for Asia and Europe regions on the following dates:

  • Asia: Saturday, November 14 at 10 PM PST
  • Europe: Sunday, November 15 at 9 AM PST

There is new merch available every day leading up to the event. On Friday, November 13, Roblox players can unlock an exclusive Lil Nas X emote by participating in and completing an in-game scavenger hunt before 10 PM PST.

Free new items are available throughout the Concert Experience. Players can pick up an Old Town Cowboy Hat for free from the store. Visit the page and add it to your character to claim it.

Various new badges are also available throughout the concert. There are no exact details about how you can claim them, but we will keep you posted.

We got a full look at the Lil Nas X Concert Experience skins thanks to Bloxy_News on Twitter. Here’s everything there is to offer:

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