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Roblox Alchemy Online codes (December 2023)

Roblox Alchemy Online codes

Using our Roblox Alchemy Online codes list, you can redeem free in-game rerolls for your characters. Rerolls allow you to change your name, race, and alchemy abilities for free, so they undoubtedly come in handy for this hardcore survival game based on Full Metal Alchemist. If you want to change something about your character, these codes will help you do it.

Codes are a free and easy way to redeem free in-game rewards. The developers release codes alongside new content updates, and usually when the game hits a new milestone. If you want to change anything about your character, or are just feeling a fresh start, the codes below should come in handy.

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Alchemy Online Codes List

Our list contains the most up-to-date working and active Roblox Alchemy Online codes that you can redeem for in-game rewards. You can copy and paste them or manually type them into the game, but remember, they are case-sensitive. 

Alchemy Online codes (active)

  • ;code SORRY – Redeemable for a free race reroll
  • ;code HUMAN – Redeemable for a free race reroll
  • ;code NEWNAME – Redeemable for a free name roroll
  • ;code FIXED – Redeemable for a free Alchemy Roll
  • ;code GRIP – Redeemable for a free race reroll
  • ;code Reroll2 – Redeemable for alchemy and race reroll
  • ;code ReRace – Redeemable for a free race reroll
  • ;code ReName – Redeemable for a free name reroll
  • ;code ReAlch – Redeemable for an Alchemy reroll

Alchemy Online codes (expired)

The following Alchemy Online codes no longer work.

  • ;code freeKN – Redeem the code for free KN

How to Redeem codes for Alchemy Online

To redeem codes for Roblox Alchemy Online, you must join a game and open up the chat. Type the code exactly as shown above (including the “;code” part) and press enter. You will then receive your free in-game reward. You may also need to join the Riperino Studios and DaZen Studios groups for the codes to activate.

How to Redeem codes for Alchemy Online

Game Description

Welcome to Alchemy Online. This is a hardcore survival-based game with quests based on the anime Full Metal Alchemist. Talk to NPCs to get new alchemy and Races. Use magic, learn elements, and explore! Fight your way to the top! Raid and pvp modes coming soon!

Supported Devices:


-Casting Alchemy – T (Tool Equipped) (Can Be Held)
-Drawing Circles – R
-Sprint – 2X W
-Dashes – Q while holding W, A, S, or D
-Block – F
-Study – M
-Carry – V
-Grip – B

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