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Resident Evil Village: Luthier’s House Key and Combination

Luthier's House Key

Like all the games in the series, Resident Evil Village contains lots of little riddles and mysteries that take a bit of know-how to solve. Nothing too tricky, but figuring them out can be a little time-consuming. One of the riddles you’ll need to solve is finding Luthier’s Key and using it to unlock Luthier’s house and get inside the locked cabinet. So, we put together a guide to help you out and make it a little easier. Here’s where to get Luthier’s House Key and the combination for Luthier’s house in Resident Evil Village.

Where to find Luthier’s Key in Resident Evil Village

Before you can get Luthier’s Key, you’ll need to kill Donna Beneviento. On your return to the village from House Beneviento, you’ll be able to explore two houses that previously inaccessible. On the path, make a left turn and enter the house to find Luthier’s Key. You will see Luthier’s Key on a table to the right of the typewriter in the back room. After picking up the key, you can examine it for the clue: “the key for the luthier’s house on the west side of the village.” 

Where to find Luthier's Key in Resident Evil Village

So, where is Luthier’s house, exactly?

Luthier’s House Location and Locked Cabinet Combination in Resident Evil Village

Luthier’s house is, well, on the west side of the village like it says on the key. You can unlock the door using the key, but inside you’ll find a cupboard locked with a keycode. The combination to get inside the locked cabinet in Luthier’s house is 270917.

Luthier's House Key House and Locked Cabinet

Use the code on the cabinet to open it and reveal the Steel Hræsvelgr, or Steel Eagle. You can also find a few other treasures hidden inside the house, including a Yellow Quartz inside the mandolin you’ll find hanging off the ceiling. All you need to do is hit it with something to collect it.

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