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Pokemon Go Raid Invites for friends is now live

Pokemon Go Raid Invites for friends is now live

Pokemon Go is slowly rolling out a feature allowing trainers to invite their friends to raids. As of now, Trainers level 37 and higher have access to the Raid Invite feature.

Remote Friend Raid Invites

Niantic will slowly open invites up to lower level players after they ensure everything is functioning as intended. The new feature allows players to browse their in-game friend list and invite them to raids, no matter how far away their location.

The official Pokemon Go Twitter account announced the feature is available for level 40 trainers only. Thirty minutes after their original tweet, the Pokemon Go team opened it to all trainers level 37 and above.

Previously, only players at the raid site could invite others to raid. With this new feature, Niantic makes it easier for players to interact remotely. Trainers can now get more enjoyment out of the game without being there in person. Invite up to five of your friends to raid with you, assuming they have a Remote Raid Pass.

Lower level trainers can expect the new friend Raid Invites feature to be available soon. Keep an eye out on the official Pokemon Go Twitter account and use this time to prepare yourself for some Raid Battles.

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