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How to Get Mienfoo in Pokémon GO

If the name and stance didn’t tip you off, Mienfoo is a combination of a kung-fu practitioner and an ermine, also known as a stoat. I dunno who came up with the idea of a stoat doing kung-fu; maybe someone was just really committed to the pun. It is a cool Pokémon, though, and a worthy Fighting type addition to any roster. If you want one, you’re gonna have to put up your dukes. Here’s how to get Mienfoo in Pokémon GO.

Mienfoo, as well as its evolved form, Mienshao, was just added to the Pokémon GO PokéDex this past Sunday. As of writing, however, you can’t find it in the wild, and it’s not appearing in any Raids either. So, where are you supposed to get it? Well, where does a lot of Trainer-on-Trainer combat go down? That’s right, the GO Battle League. Hope you’ve been brushing up on your PvP game.

How to Get Mienfoo in Pokémon GO

When you win matches in the GO Battle League, your GBL level rises. Whenever you raise your GBL level, you’ll automatically get spawns of particular Pokémon, one of whom can be Mienfoo. To net yourself a Mienfoo spawn, you’ll need to win enough matches before the end of June to get your GBL level up to at least level 5. At level 5, Mienfoo is added to the encounter pool, and when you hit level 6 and earn another spawn, it’s guaranteed to be Mienfoo.

Even after you get the guaranteed Mienfoo, once you’re high enough level, it’ll be part of the regular encounter pool, so if you’re lucky, you can get more Mienfoo encounters as you continue to raise your GBL level. This’ll be helpful, as catching more of them will net you more Mienfoo candy, and having more on hand means more options to choose from when you want to evolve one into Mienshao.

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