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Pokemon Go Halloween 2020 Field Research Tasks and Rewards

The seasonal Halloween event is underway in Pokemon Go. This event tasks place from October 24 through November 4, features Ghost-type Pokemon, and introduces Galarian Yamask and Runerigus into the game. There is also a new set of Special Research called a Spooky Message Unmasked. Here are all of the Pokemon Go Halloween 2020 research tasks and rewards.

During this event, Catch Candy and Transfer Candy rewards are doubled. Specific Pokemon are also seen more in the wild, including Pikachu, Grimer, Gastly, Haunter, Misdreavus, Sableye, Shuppet, Duskull, Chimecho, Drifloon, Yamask, and Litwick. New Pokemon include Mega Gengar, Galarian Yamask, Runerigus, Halloween Gengar, and Halloween Sableye.

Pokemon Go Halloween 2020 Field Research

Here are the Field Research tasks for this event:

  • Catch 18 Ghost-type Pokemon: Spiritomb Encounter
  • Catch 18 Dark-type Pokemon: Spiritomb Encounter
  • Purify 2 Shadow Pokemon: Cubone Encounter
  • Win 2 Raids: Spiritomb Encounter, Yamask Encounter

A Spooky Message Unmasked Tasks and Rewards

Here are the tasks and rewards for A Spooky Message Unmasked:

Task 1

  • Catch 30 Ghost-type Pokemon: Duskull Encounter
  • Transfer 4 Pokemon: Stardust x340
  • Catch 34 Pokemon: 340 XP
  • Reward: Yamask Encounter, Pinap Berry x3, Razz Berry x4

Task 2

  • Catch 10 Dark-type Pokemon: Sableye Encounter
  • Make 8 Nice Throws: Poke Ball x10
  • Catch 108 Pokemon: 1080 XP
  • Reward: Spiritomb Encounter, Hyper Potion x10, Great Ball x8

Task 3

  • Catch 40 Ghost-type Pokemon: Litwick Encounter
  • Make 9 Great Throws: Stardust x490
  • Catch 108 Pokemon: 490 XP
  • Reward: Yamask Encounter, Silver Pinap Berry x44, Golden Razz Berry


  • 6,320 XP
  • Yamask Candy x13
  • Stardust x4900

View Research: Mega Gengar

Task 1

  • Transfer 13 Pokemon: Poke Ball x10
  • Catch 13 Ghost-type Pokemon: Gastly Encounter
  • Catch 13 Dark-type Pokemon: Houndour Encounter
  • Rewards: Gengar Mega Energy x50, Gastly Candy x5, Stardust x500

Task 2

  • Make 5 Nice Throws in a Row: Gastly Encounter
  • Evolve 4 Pokemon: Haunter Encounter
  • Catch 94 Pokemon: Gengar Encounter
  • Rewards: Gengar Mega Energy x50, Gastly Candy x5, Stardust x1000

Task 3

  • Claim Reward (x3): Gengar Mega Energy x20
  • Rewards: Gengar Mega Energy x100, Gastly Candy x10, Stardust x1500
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