How To Battle Snaley In Omori

Throughout the story of OMORI, specifically in the Headspace segments, Snaley is a recurring character whose only purpose appears to be to show up briefly and then suddenly die a random death. He’s basically Kenny from South Park. However, in a post-launch update to the game, something surprising happened: he became someone who can fight. Sounds unlikely, I admit, but he’s clearly nothing if not tenacious. Here’s how to battle Snaley in OMORI.

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After you’ve fully reunited the party by getting them all fired from their jobs at the Last Resort, talk to Mari at her picnic blanket outside the resort proper. She’ll mention that she saw Snaley recently, but hadn’t heard from him after he fell down a hole, presumably in typical Snaley fashion. As it turns out, though, he’s not dead; you can find him bumming around on the second floor of the abandoned construction site on the Underwater Highway, right before the entrance to the cave area. He’ll explain how he’s become taken with Omori’s strength, and wishes to become strong himself, which is why he wants you to fight him. This is an optional battle; you don’t have to fight him if you don’t want to.

How To Battle Snaley In Omori

During this first encounter, Snaley will only use his normal attack for a couple of turns, and then become SAD. After a couple of turns of moping, he’ll stick to his normal attack for the remainder of the fight. It’s a pretty straightforward encounter, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble, especially at this point in the game.

After you beat him, he’ll enter the cave to train himself. As you travel through the cave, you’ll run into him again, where you can challenge him a second time. This time around, his stats are a little higher, and he can mimic Aubrey’s Beatdown skill to deal damage three times. He can also perform basic follow-up attacks. After a couple of turns of this, he’ll default to normal attacks again. Play a little more defensively for the Beatdown, otherwise, it’s the same deal as the first fight.

Finally, you’ll encounter Snaley one last time near the end of the Underwater Highway. He’s playing smarter this time; he’ll immediately start by using an Airhorn to make the whole party ANGRY, followed by becoming HAPPY himself, placing you at a disadvantage. Fix your emotions and start whittling him down, but watch out: when his health drops below 30%, he’ll unleash energy, just like the party, dealing 50% of everyone’s max HP in damage. If you can survive that last attack, the rest of the fight is a cinch.

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