How to Get All Endings in OMORI

OMORI is a story of grief and depression, and how, left unchecked, they can completely destroy a person from the inside out. It’s an extremely heavy subject matter, though despite what its initial pastel appearance may imply, it’s one the game tackles with surprising clarity. Of course, to earn that happy(ish) ending, you gotta fight for it. Here’s how to get all of the endings in OMORI.

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As this subject involves both heavy story spoilers and some very heavy subject matters, I’ll do my best to keep things a bit vague here. The majority of the endings hinge heavily upon your actions during the last bit of the final real-world game segment, as well as what immediately follows.

How to Get All Endings in OMORI

True Ending/Bad Ending

Both the True and Bad Endings require you to confront Basil in his room during the sleepover on the last day. After some… stuff goes down, let’s say, and you navigate Sunny’s memories to learn the truth, you’ll be thrust into one final encounter against Omori. Every time you empty his health, Omori will bounce back, until it gets to the point where you’re no longer able to act against him and he kills you. At this point, you’ll be asked if you want to continue. Choose yes to get on the True ending path, and in the hospital afterwards, follow the Stranger down the hall instead of your dream friends. If you choose no, you’ll be on the Bad ending path, which can only go in one rather unfortunate direction.

Incidentally, if you remembered to take care of Basil’s flowers in Headspace throughout the entire game, you’ll get an additional scene at the tail end of the True ending.

Something Endings

If you choose not to confront Basil in his room, events can progress in one of three ways. You can return to your sleeping bag and go right back to sleep, or you can return home and sleep in your own bed. Additionally, if you choose to go home, you can pick up the Knife from the kitchen counter before sleeping in your bed for a different ending.

Hikikomori Ending

Should you choose to pursue the Hikikomori path of the story by refusing to open the front door every morning and just doing chores instead, you’ll be locked into an ending similar to the Something endings.

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