"The Weapon" is coming to No Man's Sky, says Sean Murray
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“The Weapon” is coming to No Man’s Sky, says Sean Murray

"The Weapon" is coming to No Man's Sky, says Sean Murray
Image: Hello Games

Speaking as someone who’s been a fan of various fantasy and sci-fi settings, I can say with confidence that inventing your own language for something is a great way to drop hints to fans. All you have to do is drop an image with a simple message written in an otherworldly language on it, and people will immediately scramble to be the first to decode it. That’s exactly what happened with No Man’s Sky’s Sean Murray on his Twitter.

Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games and creator of the formerly panned, now pretty okay No Man’s Sky, shared a cryptic image on his Twitter feed today. What did it say? Boy, wouldn’t I like to know.

Image: Twitter

Looks like gobbledygook, right? If I were eight years old, my first instinct would be to put on a pair of those red-tinted glasses and see if there’s a magic eye message behind it. But no, this is a real written language, familiar to those who have gone really in-depth on No Man’s Sky. So what does it say?

Sean Murray says “The Weapon” is Coming to No Man’s Sky

According to the sci-fi language experts of Twitter, the message translates thusly:

“Look to the Monolith… The weapon is coming.”

Again, in a vacuum, this is meaningless, but if you’ve been paying attention to the recent updates to the game, it actually means quite a bit. Just recently, the second Expedition for No Man’s Sky, Beachhead, launched. By playing through the Beachhead Expedition, you can earn lots of cool stuff like cosmetics and ships. Monoliths, on the other hand, present questions that, when answered, reward players with items and upgrades, but no weapons. Players have begun to speculate that “The Weapon” may be some new weapon bestowed by a monolith found during the new Expedition. What kind of weapon, precisely, nobody can say, but if you’re playing around in No Man’s Sky, it might pay to be on the lookout for some monoliths.

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