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Does Necromunda: Hired Gun have Multiplayer?

Does Necromunda: Hired Gun have Multiplayer?
Image: Streum On Studio/Focus Home Interactive

I’ve always been something of a fair-weather fan when it comes to Warhammer; the lore’s a little too dense for me to get into, though I do enjoy the humorous take on it in “If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device.” Since Necromunda: Hired Gun is a fairly straightforward FPS, though, it’s actually a great introductory point for those who just want a small taste of the Warhammer franchise without needing a bunch of preexisting knowledge. However, does Necromunda: Hired Gun have multiplayer content?

Warhammer is a pretty social franchise in general, whether you’re playing its video games or its tabletop games. Other Warhammer games on Steam like Dawn of War, Space Marine, and Vermentide do have highly-developed multiplayer elements, both competitive and cooperative. Unfortunately, that makes Necrumunda: Hired Gun an outlier among the franchise, as it does not feature any manner of multiplayer content. It’s designed to be a strictly linear single player experience, more in line with DOOM or Wolfenstein; there is no co-op campaign option, nor is there any multiplayer deathmatching. 

Does Necromunda: Hired Gun have Multiplayer?

All that being said, the potential for future multiplayer content is out there. Necromunda: Hired Gun is built on the same engine that Streum On used to make Space Hulk, which has a thriving multiplayer scene, so the infrastructure for adding such content to Necromunda is available should they choose to use it. 

If you’re holding out hope for that multiplayer mode, though, expect to be waiting for a while. The devs are currently focusing all of their resources on post-launch patches and tweaks; no DLC or major content updates are currently on deck, and things’ll probably stay that way until they’re satisfied with the state of the main game. 

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