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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Low FPS Solutions

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Low FPS Solutions

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is officially launched, and fans of the franchise are excited to jump into the action. PC gamers’ are giving mixed reviews, though, primarily due to some potential performance issues causing framerate drops. Luckily, there are a few fixes to try if you’re suffering from these problems. Here are a few Mass Effect Legendary Edition low FPS solutions to try.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Low FPS Solutions

Here are some things you can try if you’re experiencing low FPS in Mass Effect Legendary Edition:

  • Disable the overlay in Origin.
  • Unplug unnecessary peripherals.
  • Try playing in windowed mode.

Disable the overlay in Origin

The number one culprit for low framerates in Mass Effect Legendary Edition tends to be the Origin overlay. So if you’re on PC and using Origin, you may want to turn off the overlay from the game-specific settings. To do this, find the game title from the Origin library, right-click it, and go to properties. Turn off the overlay through there, and try relaunching the game. 

You can also disable the Origin overlay entirely if you open up your Origin directory and delete or name the “igo64.dll” file. We would recommend renaming the file if you want to revert the change at a later point. Otherwise, you’d likely have to reinstall Origin to get the original file back.

Unplug unnecessary peripherals

The game does not appear to play nicely with any peripherals you may have plugged in, such as flight sticks or controllers. If you have any and they are plugged into your computer, try removing them and rechecking your framerate. Some players report that this helps out their performance quite a bit, for whatever the reason may be.

Note that there appear to be many reports of framerate drops and general FPS issues from PC players who use controllers. 

Windowed Mode and other fixes

If all else fails, you can try some other less common solutions like playing in windowed mode. Generally, you can press ALT+ENTER to enable windowed mode or turn it on through the in-game graphic settings. We haven’t had success with this one, but everyone’s computer is a bit different, and what may not work for others might work for you.

Something else to try if you are still experiencing low fps in Mass Effect Legendary Edition is disabling vertical sync, either in-game or through your graphic card settings from your desktop. The settings can always be problematic and cause frame rate drops in certain titles, so it’s worth a shot.

If you’re having issues even launching Mass Effect Legendary Edition at all, it could be an issue with your Windows username. Try switching your Windows username to something else and trying to relaunch the game.

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