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Latest Valorant Patch Notes

Valorant Patch Notes

We have big expectations for Valorant and will be looking forward to patches and updates on a consistent basis. The latest patch notes will be posted here along with a backlog of previous patches and updates you may have missed.

Current Version: 0.47+ Closed Beta

Released: April 21 2020

Gameplay and Balance


  • Melee attacks now inflict double the damage per hit to destructibles, including
    • Sage’s Barrier
    • Haven’s metal double doors

RAZE (nerf)

  • Reduced Paint Shells from 2 to 1
  • Paint Shells now have a kill reset, requiring players to get 2 kills to refresh cooldown
  • Tuned and adjusted audio for Paint Shells, Blast Pack, and Showstopper so that they’ll be easier to hear in hectic scenarios
  • Fixed an edge case where the secondary cluster of Paint Shells would explode quicker than intended. They now have a minimum duration before exploding.


  • Slow Orb now also slows the air speed of players in the zone
  • Players can now walk through the Slow Orb without making noise

Map Updates

  • Several exploits fixed on Bind, Haven, and Split
  • Split: Orb moved from B Mid to B Main

Quality of Life

  • Reduced outbound network traffic from client for players running at high frames-per-second
    • Some ISPs and network setups were throttling game traffic, impacting gameplay by causing large spikes in network latency as FPS increased.
    • No impact to gameplay / responsiveness

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rare server crash caused by packets occasionally being corrupted by some players networks
  • Cypher’s Spycam can no longer use weapons
  • Fixed a bug where footstep audible range would sometimes not appear on the minimap

Major Changes

This Valorant patch provides us with the first round of character tweaks. Primarily a much requested Raze nerf, reducing the power of her grenades, but leaving her ultimate intact. Sage also received an update the prevents people from bunny hoping through her slow orb and walking across it with no noise. The update also added double melee damage to destructibles like Sage’s barrier which might lead to some cool plays.

Expected Future Patches

As the game is currently in closed beta we can expect many hotfixes and Valorant patches coming out along with some major releases. Right now the next major release is expected to be the Ranked Mode. We are still waiting on an official date for the release but we can expect it to arrive sometime late April/early May. The ranked mode will be a critical aspect to the game’s success so expect thorough testing from the closed beta players.

You can refer back to this post anytime for the latest patch notes and details.

Previous Valorant Patch Notes

0.47 Closed Beta Hotfix 1

Released: April 15, 2020 NA | April 14,2020 EU

  • Cypher’s camera made less lethal under certain circumstances…
  • Patched a number of map exploits
  • Fixed audio dropping after consecutive games
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