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Is Scavengers Crossplay?

Is Scavengers Crossplay?
Image via Midwinter Entertainment/Improbable Worlds Limited

The presence or lack of crossplay multiplayer can be a major deciding factor in the success of a modern multiplayer game. Not everyone has access to the same systems and platforms, for one reason or another, so no crossplay can fracture a game’s user base, making it harder for them to connect and play. It’s definitely best to sort this out while a game is still in development so nobody has any unrealistic expectations for the full version. With that in mind, is Scavengers crossplay?

Compared to some other multiplayer games, and even other multiplayer games currently in beta or some other form of early access, Scavengers is, at least at the moment, a bit of a small-scale affair. The game’s early access build, accessible only to those who watch at least 30 minutes of its gameplay on Twitch, is only running on PC via both Steam and the Epic Games Store. 

Is Scavengers Crossplay?

However, the future full release of the game, whenever that ends up being, is slated to be much more open-ended. While the early access builds are only available on PC, the full version of the game is also slated for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (though those plans were made earlier in development a few years ago, so it’s not known whether PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X ports are in the cards). As for crossplay, the Steam and Epic Games’ versions of the game are confirmed to be crossplay compatible with one another. Crossplay between console versions and PC has not yet been confirmed, though the game’s user base seems pretty certain that it’ll be implemented with full release. 

Both the Steam and Epic Games versions of Scavengers will be completely free-to-play when they reach full release. Again, since the plans were made so long ago, it isn’t known what the devs’ policy will be regarding free-to-play on the console versions, but there are plenty of free-to-play games on consoles these days, so it’s nowhere near outside the realm of possibility.

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