How to get into Scavengers Early Access

How to get into Scavengers Early Access

The wonky thing about giving away free keys to things on Steam is that people will always jump on them almost immediately, but whether or not they’ll actually boot the game up is a toss-up. I speak from experience; I always snatch up free game giveaways, but only install maybe a third of those games. In an effort to ensure that only those who are really interested get keys, as well as provide a tutorial for the game, Midwinter Entertainment’s free early access for Scavengers has a few prerequisites. Here’s how to get into the Scavengers early access.

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How to get into Scavengers Early Access

  1. Authorize your Twitch account with
  2. Complete your account registration at the website.
  3. Click the confirmation link in your email.
  4. Watch live streams on Twitch that have Scavengers drops enabled.

While the early access build of Scavengers is on Steam, there’s no buy button on its page, just a description. This is because you need to register for an account through a site set up by the game’s publisher, Improbable Worlds Limited. You’ll also need to have an active Twitch account, which, obviously, needs to be linked to an email address. Once you have both of these accounts created, you’ll need to link them together on Improbable’s page. You can do all of this via the Twitch auth page.

Once all the account linking is out of the way, the next step is to watch gameplay of Scavengers on Twitch. Any channel or streamer is fine, as long as they are marked as playing the game by Twitch. You need to watch a total of 30 minutes of Scavengers gameplay, either all from one stream or from a handful of streams strung together. This will be a good time to decide whether or not you actually want to play this game, ‘cause if you don’t, maybe you should just leave that early access key for someone who’s interested.

Speaking of, once you’ve successfully watched 30 minutes of gameplay, you’ll receive a Twitch Drop, which, when claimed, will send an early access Steam key to the email address you connected to your Twitch and Improbable accounts. Then you need to activate the key in your Steam library, and voila, you’re in. There’s no set date for the end of the early access period, with the full release still holding a vague 2021 release window, so enjoy the game while it’s still figuring itself out.

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