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Is Crusader Kings Crossplay?

Is Crusader Kings Crossplay?

No matter how old some games get, they always seem to maintain their loyal playerbases. Did you know the original DOOM still has a dedicated deathmatching community? New games come and go, but truly great experiences are absolutely timeless. Of course, it helps when players of new versions can easily connect with players of old versions. With that in mind, is Crusader Kings crossplay?

While the most prominent iteration of Crusader Kings currently available is Crusader Kings III, lots of people still play its predecessor, Crusader Kings II, especially Paradox Interactive made it permanently free-to-play back in 2019. Of course, Crusader Kings II is only available through Steam, so the obvious other platforms are off the table, but even within Steam, there are a few platforms to consider such as MacOS and Linux. So, can users of these different OSes play Crusader Kings II together? Er… maybe?

Is Crusader Kings Crossplay?

According to players on the Paradox Interactive subreddit, Crusader Kings II does support crossplay, at least between PC and MacOS. Some users have claimed to be able to get it working between PC and Linux as well, though the stability of matches between these two OSes is… questionable, at best. Since this game was made back in 2012, crossplay wasn’t exactly a design highlight like it is these days, so the multiplayer isn’t especially stable in general.

If crossplay is that important to you, it may be prudent to switch over to Crusader Kings III. While also exclusively for computers, not only do players report much greater stability between games hosted on PC, MacOS, or Linux, but the game is also available through Xbox Games Pass. As long as you’re running the game through either Steam or Xbox Games Pass, you can freely crossplay with users on either. Of course, Crusader Kings III costs fifty bucks, so I guess you gotta decide how much clean crossplay really matters to you.

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