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Infinity Ward puts an end to offensive names in Call of Duty

Infinity Ward revamps its reporting system and aims to ban any offensive players in Call of Duty. The Call of Duty Modern Warzone and Modern Warfare developer released a statement pledging to do a better job of getting rid of offensive content within their community.

Some steps they have taken include allocating additional resources to monitor and identify racist content. In-game reporting systems will now make it easier to report offenses as well. Repeat offenders will receive a permanent ban from the game.

The new revamped reporting system should increase the number of bans per hour, according to Infinity Ward, in hopes of making the community a better place. Most importantly, users are now no longer able to pick offensive usernames, which is odd to not have a blacklist for in the first place.

Earlier this year, Infinity Ward also took an aggressive stance against Warzone cheaters. The change caused the number of cheaters to decrease, though it did not solve the issue entirely. Hopefully, this will have a similar effect on offensive content and racist players.

The new season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone, along with Call of Duty Mobile, have both been postponed with a release date to be announced.

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