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Does HUMANKIND have Multiplayer?

HUMANKIND multiplayer

It’s kind of an old established norm about PC gamers that they all love grand strategy games like Civilization or Age of Empires. And, well, yeah! Most of ‘em do, at least if all of my friends are any indication. So, it stands to reason that HUMANKIND will have a sizable audience waiting for it upon release. But the appeal of those games isn’t just building a civilization, it’s pitting that civilization against other civilizations. Multiplayer can make or break the success of this kind of game. So, does HUMANKIND have multiplayer?

Does HUMANKIND have Multiplayer?

Luckily for the hard workers at Amplitude Studios, HUMANKIND won’t be going by the wayside, because it does, in fact, have multiplayer. While there are single player modes where you can build up your civilization from nothing all on your own, there will also be multiplayer modes where you can pit your civilization against players from around the world, whether it be on the battlefield or in the halls of diplomacy. 

Precise details as to how the game’s multiplayer will work are still a bit murky, but it’s assumed that it’ll work in a similar manner to Civilization. Combat is turned-based, and on your turn, you can build constructs and structure your society and troops for combat. No word on how turns will be regimented; hopefully, there will be turn timers that keep things from getting bogged down too much. 

A big element of the game’s social scene that was revealed recently, however, is the avatar creation system. Every player can create their own unique societal leader with an in-depth character customizer. As your society grows and its culture evolves, the appearance of your avatar will shift in ways both subtle and overt, from their body language to their clothing. Leveling up your civilization unlocks additional customization options that you can use to show off to both enemies and allies on the battlefield.

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