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How to Earn Fame in Humankind

How to Earn Fame in Humankind

It’s often been said that winners are the ones who govern history, because losers are either dead or irrelevant. The definition of “winner” in this context is certainly up for debate, but in the context of Humankind, it’s got a pretty hard and fast meaning: whoever does the most cool stuff and gets the most famous for it. Here’s how to earn Fame in Humankind.

Fame points are a sort of background currency in a Humankind match, denoting how well-known your empire is around the world. It’s also the main way to actually win a match. Whenever certain thresholds are passed, such as a 300 turn count, humanity reaching Mars, or just every other empire being wiped out, whichever empire has the most Fame to their name is the winner. So how do you become the biggest thing since sliced bread?

How to Earn Fame in Humankind

There are a few different ways to earn fame, but the primary one is the achievement of Era Stars. Another background currency, Era Stars are doled out for major cultural achievements, each one paying out a big Fame bonus when you get them. Every era offers a total of 21 Era Stars, made up of seven affinities with three goals of gradually rising difficulty. While any culture can technically achieve these goals, it’s best to stick to the ones your culture has an affinity with, especially since the Fame you earn from them degrades over time. For instance, Merchant cultures buy and sell a lot, Scientist cultures do a lot of research and development, and Militarist cultures have big armies that kill stuff. Stay in your lane, and you can become a big deal in your field before everyone else does.

Speaking of the competitive spirit, Competitive Deeds also reward Fame. These are special challenges that only one culture can achieve. Only one culture can be the first one on the moon, after all, as well as reach certain levels of technology or travel the entire world. Same with Era Stars, though; try to stay in your lane, because if you go for a challenge your culture isn’t suited for, not only will you probably lose out, you’ll waste a lot of resources doing it.

Finally, one thing that’ll really cement your peoples’ name in the textbooks is a world wonder. Constructing a wondrous installation like Stonehenge will not only reward a major Fame bonus, but provide special passive buffs as well, and once you make it, no other culture can. Just remember that these creations take a lot of time and resources, so attempting to build more than one, while tempting, is inadvisable. 

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