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How to Use Voice Chat and Speech to Chat in Age of Empires IV

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When playing with teammates, there is nothing more important than your communication as a team. It can both make or break a team whilst being the reason that your team wins or fails. Good communication goes a long way, especially when playing a game where strategy is involved. You cannot come up with different moves to your teammate in hope for the same result. If you are looking to destroy the opposition, you must make sure that your own side is solid enough for the attack. This is Vincent’s guide on how to enable Voice Chat and Speech to Chat.

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How to Enable or Disable Voice Chat in Age of Empires IV

In Age of Empires IV, there has never been more opportunity to play with friends, against frenemies or full teams of strangers. Whether you are a team player or who that just likes to trash-talk, communicating in-game can turn Age of Empires into the ultimate strategic game. Plan your attack with your friends against strangers. Lure them in with a trap or use a trojan horse technique with your teammate. Your opposition will not be expecting it. If you do not want to play against other players, you can play Co-op with your friends, taking on the AI battalions.

Having communication between each other in-game rather than having to use in-game text or exchanging strategies via WhatsApp, you can go into the Settings to enable Voice Chat. You need to go into your Online Tab as this will be used for Multiplayer/ Co-op games. Enabling Voice Chat here will let you communicate in every game. But if you do not want your mic open in every game, you can also head into the Player List to turn on Voice Chat here. To disable, you can either head back into the Online Settings Tab or to the in-game Player List. It is better to disable via the Settings so that you know that this is turned off for every game and you can continue to wear headphones with ease.

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How to Enable Speech to Chat in Age of Empires IV

Although Speech to Chat is never going to be 100% accurate, especially if you are dealing with players from Essex, England like myself. But being able to turn this on is imperative to those who have hearing impairments. Speech to Chat also helps those who are trying to focus on the gameplay and listening to any audio cues in-game that can distract or draw attention away from crucial comms. As a controller player, I know tunnel vision all too well that I often miss my teammates comms. Because of this, having Speech to Chat on can move away from an audio problems to something to aid you visually.

In order to turn Speech to Chat on in Age of Empires, you need to go to the Accessibility Tab in Settings. Go to the Narration Section and enable ‘Speech-to-Text‘ here.

There is also the option for Text to Speech for those who would rather type in their strategies rather than use their mic. Or for players who do not own a mic, this allows you to communicate with your teammate. This can also be enabled under Narration in Accessibility where you just need to click on the ‘Read Incoming Chat Messages’ box to turn on.

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