Age of Empires IV Season 5 New Maps Featured
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Age of Empires IV New Maps and Points of Interest – Golden Heights, Migration, and Volcanic Island

A lot of interesting stuff is coming to Age of Empires IV!

The classic franchise Age of Empires is alive and well with an update for Season 5 of Age of Empires IV that introduces many new features and three new exciting maps. Whoever grew up on this classic RTS game knows the unique feeling that you get when trying to build up your own kingdom while simultaneously preparing for the inevitable battles with the opponent(s).

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New maps are always a nice refresh to the game as you get used to old maps after a while, and know exactly what you will strive to do in each one. I love when everyone is playing on the unexplored ground and can’t have their own preplanned way of playing the map. That feeling of both exploring and trying to beat someone is the number 1 reason why I loved playing RTS like AOE when I was a kid!

Read on to find out just what waits for you in these 3 new maps in Age of Empires IV and what else was introduced with the new Season 5.

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Age of Empires IV New Maps Explained

There are 3 new maps in the Season 5 update. Each map gives out a new experience and when combined with other new elements to the game that we will discuss later, they really will keep you hooked to your computer. Here are the new maps listed with short descriptions:

Golden Heights

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This map is a big gold-rich plain with a pond full of fishing opportunities, with one huge cliff separating you and your enemy. As you can see on the map above one player will have an upper hand with easier access to the mentioned riches but that’s not necessarily an advantage since the other player will soon spark a conflict to contest those riches.

Volcanic Island

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As you can expect, Volcanic Island will put a giant Volcano in the middle of this mountain-rich map. You’ll need to find the best and shortest paths to your enemy and make sure your army doesn’t get caught out in the narrow passages of the mountain ranges and get obliterated.


Image by Relic Entertainment

As the name says, this map is forcing you to migrate to neighboring islands soon after you construct your base and reach stability because there are not enough resources and space on the mainland. Try to migrate to the island(s) as soon as possible and contest your opponent’s attempts at doing the same.

What Else is New in Age of Empires IV Season 5 Update?

Map Monsters

In addition to new maps, there are some cool new features added with Season 5. On some of the Age of Empires IV maps you will now be able to find Map Monsters as part of the Summer Party Event that lasts from June 15, 2023, to July 20, 2023. When your villager/fishing boat encounters the Wild Man or the Dragon Turtle and interacts with them they get a permanent bonus to gather rate! These are the maps where you can find the Map Monsters:

  • Boulder Bay (1v1)
  • Marshland (1v1)
  • Boulder Bay (Team)
  • Marshland (Team)

Empire Wars

Empire Wars is a mode where you and your opponents start with an already built-up empire, with villagers assigned to different jobs and a solid base of resources already piled up. You still start in Dark Age, but this mode allows for a much faster game and a quicker path to battle. And in the end, we all know that that’s why we’re here for!

New Ways to Chat

Age of Empires IV now introduced a new team voice chat and voice-to-text option so that you can message your friends in an old-fashioned way as well if you wish.

We hope that your next Age of Empires IV match will be easier after reading our guide. Read more about the game in our piece The Best Civilizations in Age of Empires 4. Join Gamer Journalist on Facebook and keep up with the gaming news every day.

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