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How to Solve the Geo Statue Puzzle in Genshin Impact

How to Solve the Geo Statue Puzzle in Genshin Impact

The ancient gods and societies of Genshin Impact have a mildly annoying habit of hiding their treasures behind cryptic, large-scale puzzles. Can you imagine how irritating it would be if you had to hike to four different mountaintops to open a box? Thank goodness for gliding and teleporting. Anyway, here’s how to Solve the Geo Statue puzzle in Genshin Impact.

How to Solve the Geo Statue Puzzle in Genshin Impact

In the Liyue region, you’ll find Qingce Village over on the northwest side. On the mountaintop at the highest point of this village sits a gaggle of Geo statues. Activate them in the correct sequence, and you’ll receive a reward. However, the only hint you’ll receive for the proper sequence is a cryptic riddle that will direct you toward four Liyue landmarks. If you have an inordinate knowledge of the land, you may be able to solve this yourself, but if you don’t, allow us to clue you in.

The first clue is “the Wind-Swept Ruin.” Look for the statue facing a large clearing dotted with multiple, step-like mountains. If you’re having difficulty seeing into the distance, set the in-game clock to around noon so you have plenty of light.

The second clue is “the Snow-Capped Peak.” Look for the statue facing a large, snow-covered mountain. The statue should have one of those orange amber crystals sticking out of the ground to its immediate left.

The third clue is “the Adepti’s Abode.” This is an easy one; look for the statue that’s facing a large, orange-leaved tree sitting by itself on a mountain in the middle of a lake. There’s a house in there, hence the name.

The fourth and final clue is “the City of Liyue.” This is a pretty obvious one; find the statue that’s facing, well, the city of Liyue. It might be a little hard to spot the city itself because there’s a big tree branch in the way, but the branch works as well as the city itself for a hint, no?

Activate those four statues in that order, and you’ll receive your reward.

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