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How to Raise Your Horses Fun Levels in Sims 4

Horses just wanna have fun
The Sims 4
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Who knew that even a horse needs to have mental stimulation in order to have a fulfilling life? Our Sims mean everything to us. We create fun environments for them such as going to the pool or working out in a gym to raise their fun levels. Some of us enjoy the animal aspect of the game by creating vets or owning multiple animals to breed. In The Sims 4 Horse Ranch Expansion you can own your own horses and play with them. A horse is complicated because we’re not exactly sure what they want in life since they can’t talk to us. We’re going to teach you how to raise your horse’s fun levels in The Sims 4 so they’re not bored.

Different Ways to Have Fun with Your Horse in The Sims 4

In order for your horse to succeed when you take them to competitions or improve their mood you need to focus on their fun levels. Horses need to be stimulated similarly to how cats and dogs need toys to have fun. If you want to boost their fun levels, make sure you purchase toys for them, specifically, the Hay Now! One Big Ball toy that’s located in the build/boy catalog.

If you’re still not noticing a huge improvement in their fun levels you should check out their traits. Certain traits prevent your horse from having fun. If your horse is aggressive they won’t want to train as much or interact. Fearful or defiant horses are timid and don’t enjoy training so they’ll have a harder time boosting their skills. You can also try interacting with your horse by telling them jokes or when you’re riding them, make sure you’re taking a “relaxed ride”. Depending on them doesn’t necessarily boost fun levels, however, it can, after you’ve purchased the reward in the aspiration store.

How to Breed Horses in The Sims 4

Breeding is a feature that was added to cats and dogs in The Sims 4. You could have puppies and kittens. In the Horse Ranch Expansion, you’ll be able to breed horses where you can then sell them for simoleons. If you want to breed horses you’ll need to have a female and male horse interact and have a fairly good relationship. You’ll be able to see an option after you’ve clicked on one of them that can encourage mating. You’ll know this has worked when you get a notification that your horse is going to have a baby. Remember, more horses mean more friends for your fur babies.

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