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How to parry in Roblox Combat Warriors

Parry this, you filthy casual.
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Roblox Combat Warriors is an intense fighting simulator of high brutality and high skill. It is one thing to relentlessly smash your opponents to death, but it is another thing to beat them when they have the other hand. Parrying is a life-saving move that may throw the tide of combat in your favour. Mastering the parry will key the key to dominating in the servers. Here is how to parry in Roblox Combat Warriors.

How to effectively parry in Combat Warriors

Why parry?

Parrying in Combat Warriors in incredibly useful to stave off any opponent, no matter how much stronger than you they are.

When you parry, by pressing ‘F’, a purple shield briefly flashes over your character. Whilst this is happening, for that one second, any melee attacks that hit you don’t do damage. Instead, the attacker gets stunned momentarily. After you perform a parry, there is a short cool down before you can attempt another.

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Stunned opponents are vulnerable opponents. In those two seconds you have, you must swing everything you have at them. As soon as your enemy is stunned, you pretty much have a guaranteed kill. So take it!

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When to parry

Parrying is difficult to land, due to having such a short window, it is easy to miss the parry and get whacked in the face. Parrying is best done in moments where an attack from the enemy is most likely.

This is during moments when you are both charging at each other. Parrying last minute when they go to hit you is a fantastic way to stun them and kill them.

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Focusing on parrying when you are on low health is a great way to catch them out. Seeing you so close to death will trigger their primal instincts to quickly finish you off before someone steals their kill. In that moment, you can expect them to strike, at which point you can parry them, making them the prey and you the hunter.

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