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How to Make New Drones in

It does it all!
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In, you must choose from a variety of weapon skills and support skills in order to develop evolution skills. You must also use these skills to battle waves of opponents. What could be a more effective tool to aid with that than a hovering drone that has the ability to heal, fire rockets, or do both? It seems impossible for The Divine Destroyer to be real. Let’s go over the steps for obtaining this new drone in

Call Down the Destroyer Drone

In order to construct the newest drone, you must first construct the Destroyer, which is not brand-new to the game but has undergone a makeover. Having both Type A and Type B drone skills allows you to build destroyers. When you max up both skills, you will be able to evolve them into a Destroyer. You will also have access to a weapon slot as you develop, which is an added perk.

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Medi-Drone Exlusive

It should be noted that the destroyer may be produced on other characters; however, Catnips is the only one who currently has access to the Medi-Drone. This is important since you must acquire a five star Medi-Drone in order to produce the Divine Destroyer. Additionally, this means that Catnips must be unlocked. Catnips may be obtained by participating in the Christmas Carnival lottery 100 times. With Catnips picked, you may now evolve a Destroyer with a maxed out Medi-Drone to make a Devine Destroyer.

How Absolutely Devine

This new skill doesn’t appear to be much at first glance because it still has the same abilities as the Medi-Drone Destroyer. The healing zone is much bigger and heals for a greater amount, though. A second weapon slot will now be available for a total of two, in addition to the one already indicated above. All of this will allow you more time to concentrate on eliminating your enemies thanks to the new, Devine Destroyer!

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