How to make health potions in Terraria Journey’s End

How to make health potions in Terraria Journey's End

The new and final 1.4 update for Terraria has been released. Journey’s End brought a ton of new and old players alike back to the classic sandbox game from Re-Logic. With so many new and returning players, it’s time to get back to the basics of the game. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make health potions in Terraria Journey’s End.

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Health potions are an essential consumable to bring with you on your world journey. Consuming one will bring your hearts back, and provide some quick relief in desperate times. You can find and craft health potions in Terraria, and we’re going to show you how to do it.

How to make health potions in Terraria Journey’s End

First off, you can come across health potions through destroying objects in the world and opening chests. Potions can stack, so you might pick a bunch up as your digging and not even know it. This is not a very convenient and reliable way to keep your stacks replenished. Luckily, finding potions is not the only way to get them.

Players can craft potions, but first you’ll need a few things. At this point, you probably already have a house with a furnace inside of it. You will need to create some glass out of sand blocks, which you can find in the desert biome. Two glass tiles can be used to craft a glass bottle, which you will need for any potion.

Now, there are four different types of potions you can craft: Lesser, Regular, Greater, and Super Healing Potions. Each of them require some different ingredients, so we’ll list them here for your convenience.

  • Lesser Healing Potion
    • 2 Gel
    • 1 Mushroom
    • 2 Glass Bottles
  • Healing Potion
    • 1 Glowing Mushroom
    • 2 Lesser Healing Potions
  • Greater Healing Potion
    • 3 Bottled Waters
    • 1 Crystal Shard
    • 3 Pixie Dust
  • Super Healing Potion
    • 4 Greater Healing Potions
    • Nebula Fragment
    • Solar Fragment
    • 1 Stardust Fragment
    • 1 Vortex Fragment

Above you can find all the ingredients you need to craft each of the four types of potions. All of the ingredients can be found out in the world, so you will come across them soon enough. When you are doing boss battles and delving deep underground, make sure to always bring a few healing potions with you. Now you know how to make health potions in Terraria Journey’s End, so you have no excuse for dying.

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