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How to Make a Wolf Fur Cape in Valheim

How to Make a Wolf Fur Cape in Valheim

Vikings had a bit of a complicated relationship with wolves. Wolves could symbolize terror and destruction, reminiscent of the legendary monster wolf Fenrir of Norse mythology, but also cunning and bravery, in honor of the noble wolves that hunted alongside Odin. So I guess if you’re a Viking who wants to be seen as scary and courageous, you wear a wolf pelt. Here’s how to make a wolf fur cape in Valheim.

As wolves are the natural survivors of the Mountains biome, their pelts provide a particular benefit that is especially beneficial in such a hostile environment. While it only provides an armor bonus of 1 (up to 4 with upgrades), the wolf fur cape provides the special effect of frost resistance. With frost resistance, you can walk freely through the snowy Mountains without needing to guzzle frost resistance mead, provided you don’t get yourself wet. 

How to Make a Wolf Fur Cape in Valheim

To craft a wolf fur cape, you’ll need three kinds of materials in the following quantities:

  • 6 Wolf pelts
  • 4 Silver
  • 1 Wolf trophy

Luckily, all of these can be found in the Mountains biome. The wolf pelts and wolf trophy can, obviously, be obtained by killing wolves. Wolf pelts drop fairly regularly, while wolf trophies are a bit rarer, so you may need to go on a few hunting expeditions before a wolf drops one.

As for silver, just mine some silver ore from one of the Mountains’ numerous silver ore veins. Remember, though, it’s next-to-impossible to track down a silver ore vein without the help of the Wishbone, obtained from defeating Bonemass. Don’t forget to bring it with you when you’re on the lookout for the shiny stuff and watch for its signature sparking.

When you’ve got your materials, just take ‘em to the nearest workbench and slap ‘em together. Boom, you’ve got a delightfully warm, if somewhat macabre, wolf fur cape, ready to watch over you in the cold season.

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