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Brawl Stars is a game with more content than any of us could keep track of! I mean, seriously, all the skins, profile icons, sprays, and brawlers, it’s hard to keep track. However, there’s one thing that you can keep track of, and that’s the free Clown Pin!

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Ever since the Brawl Stars developers hinted this item was coming, there have been numerous questions online on how to get it. And even though the redeeming process isn’t that complicated, it seems other issues have probably popped up. Keep reading to find out how to get the awesome Clown Pin in Brawl Stars!

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How to Redeem the Clown Pin in Brawl Stars

To claim the free Clown Pin in Brawl Stars, all you need to do is visit this link on the official Brawl Stars website and click “Claim.” Of course, you’ll need to do this from your phone with the game installed.

After you’ve claimed the Clown Pin, visit your inbox through the menu in the upper right corner of the screen and Claim again, where you see the message about the PIN voucher. At the time of writing this article, Clown Pin can still be claimed. However, we don’t know if developers will pull the link in the future, so make sure you get your reward ASAP.

What Should You Do if You Didn’t Get the Clown Pin?

In case you followed our steps and still didn’t get the Clown in Pin Brawl Stars, try restarting your game. There were numerous problems reported where players didn’t get these right away, but waiting a bit or restarting the game helped them fix the issue.

The problem with redeeming the Free Clown Pin occurred mostly when the item was first introduced due to the huge amount of players claiming it at once, so I don’t expect many people to experience this problem now.

If, however, you still aren’t getting your Clown Pin after all these attempts, it’s best to contact Brawl Stars support.

And that’s that on the Clow Pin! If you want to learn more about Brawl Stars, stick around and read our articles on How to Get Credits in Brawl Stars and How to Get Bling Fast in Brawl Stars.

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