How to Get Bling Fast in Brawl Stars

Wanna get some bling?
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Ready to Brawl in style? Well, you’re gonna need some Bling, then! The popular currency is the main thing standing between you and the adorable (or tough) looks that you want to get!

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Even though you’re probably familiar with the default ways of getting Bling in Brawl Stars, I know you would like to know how to farm it in the most effective way possible, as you don’t get much of it after matches. We’ve investigated this, and here’s what we found!

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How to Farm Bling in Brawl Stars

Bling is a currency used for unlocking Pins, Skins, Sprays, and Profile Icons and can be acquired in a couple of ways. Those are:

  • Trophy Reset
  • Brawl Pass
  • Power League
  • Brawler Rank Ups
  • Challenges
  • Starr Drops
  • Mega Pig

To farm Bling efficiently, there are a couple of tricks you can use. Since Bling is generally scarce and you don’t get to win hundreds or dozens of it easily, the No. 1 way to get it would be through the Power League ranking. Every time you go up to another league level, you get 125 Bling. If you manage to climb a couple of times, that will be a great payday for you.

The next best thing is the Brawl Pass. Complete the seasonal quests, advance through Brawl Pass tiers, and get the Bling rewards waiting for you there. You will be getting 100 Bling every 4 tiers (3, 7, 11, etc.). If you buy Brawl Pass, you get 1000 Bling at tier 1.

We hope this article helped you get some Bling! Read more on Brawl Stars in our articles How to play Brawl Stars on PC – Explained and How to Get Credits in Brawl Stars.

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