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How to Get Spicyspears in Ooblets

Nothing says tasty like red, glowing produce.
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The spiciest of modern peppers may be a result of careful cultivation, but you should never forget that nature itself invented the concept of spicy. For example, in Ooblets, one of the spiciest things you’ll ever lay eyes upon is a Spicyspear. Here’s how to get Spicyspears in Ooblets.

How to Get Spicyspears in Ooblets

Spicyspears are a species of foraging crop in Ooblets, characterized by their bright red, slightly glowing appearance. They kinda look like a cross between foxtails and chili peppers and are just as spicy as the latter.

If you want to get some Spicyspears together, you’ll need to forage some wild ones. In order to do that, you need to progress the game’s main story until you’ve unlocked the Wildlands, then in turn develop the Wildlands until they’re at least level 2. You can do this by helping Outgrid out with her various projects around the area.

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Once the Wildlands are at least level 2, you’ll unlock a handful of sub-areas. The one we’re interested in is Spicyspear Scrub, the native home of Spicyspears. In this little neck of the woods, you can regularly forage for fresh Spicyspears. Additionally, once the Wildlands are at level 2, wild Spicyspears may also appear at random in the main area of the Wildlands. Look for their distinctive red hue in the northern area, especially near bodies of water.

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As for what they’re used for, Spicyspears are primarily a late-game upgrade material. Gimble needs a handful of them in order to upgrade the burner on her hot air balloon, Burpy, which is necessary for accessing Port Forward. They’re also required to upgrade your Ooblets to level 5, so make sure to build up a horde of these little fireballs as soon as you’re able.

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